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This is not a Resolution it’s my Goal!

Written by Rajdeep Singh Barad

December 31, 2018

Today is 31’st December, the last day of 2018! On the gorgeous last day of the year, I have started a new beginning for my blog. Most of you might think “Why today?” and the simplest answer to this would be “Why not today!”.

The whole year I had this domain booked up, I was paying for the hosting as well. Even the WordPress, has been installed since last 4 months and what I did? NOTHING! 

And do you know why? Just because I always thought I will do it some another day which never came. And now am being buried below the burden of the New Year. I feel like I skipped it and its all my mistake. The mistake that happened because I was too stuck, too diverted in my life from the goal that I myself created some time ago.

And now its time for the change! This post might not provide any useful details to the readers but it surely has a message of not letting the things go. Instead of waiting for a perfect moment to work on your dreams start now. Even if it makes no sense start now and keep on working it till you achieve your goal!

Today, I am making a promise to myself to continue to work on Goals that I have setup in past and achieve them as soon as possible. This is not my new year Resolution, its my dream which will come true! I will make it true!

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