The power of Believing

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There are many situations in our Life where things look wrong. Maybe we are not able to achieve our goals or maybe even worst you just don’t know what you are doing with your life. When we start accepting our failures as the path of life, everything becomes pointless. The goal of life gets limited only to living while we are missing out a major part of enjoyment in our life and everything becomes dull.

I have seen many people underestimating them self, thinking they are good for nothing, the world will have no effect if they suddenly vanish from it someday. I will not say I have never gone though these same thoughts ever in my life. I have seen myself the question about the mere purpose of my existence, cursing myself for the steps that never had dares to take. But now when I see it, everything makes sense, there surely can be a bad time but it will soon float away like clouds. When people say they are useless and there is nothing that they can do in there life I feel surprised! I feel surprised at the fact that they are not able to visualise the power I can see inside them. All of these people are cursing them self fro there failure even without thinking maybe that failure was to make them understand the correct way? Maybe all you have done till now was just an exercise so that you can do amazing at something else?

Counting your own potential by comparing your self with others is just misleading and can never show you your true potential!

You need to open up your mind and see what you are because all I can see is a Awesome person!

So what is the solution for this?

Solution to this problem is as simple as it can be. You don’t need other approval to count your potential, you don’t need a degree to mark your talent and you need is Unbreakable Confidence and Believe on your self that you can, only you can do it!

I agree things might not have worked out great last time, at the same time, you never had that confidence in yourself that it will? Isn’t it so? Once you start believing in yourself you have already won 80% of the challenge! You just need to find your true passion to apply this confidence on. How will you find your passion? To start with anything you love doing even a little bit is your passion! You might not be crazy for it, but still doing it even for a few minutes if provides with a satisfaction, that’s your passion!

Am not saying leave your current dull job in search of passion all am saying is find your passion in whatever you do and add your belief in your self to be succesful in life.

Once you have your belief in your favor nothing is impossible! It’s not about being successful in life it’s about being happy and the faith and trust on ourself provide this happiness. At the end, if you are happy all of your efforts are at correct place.


First I thought I should add some real-life example of how believing in them selfs changes life many individuals. But then I dropped that Idea to create this dull post you know why? Because my aim was to show you what your beliefe can do instead of what some of our real-life superheroes have done! And am sure if you even have a little trust on your self you can do it! You can do whatever you want to do in your life.

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