Phone Call Reminder App : Discovery Phase 1

Today we are going to brainstorm the Idea of a simple phone call reminder app! From last few months am finding my self struggling to remember and call my relatives and friends on time. Job and other works are taking so much troll on my life that I was not able to catch up with my near and dear. And that’s what gave me the Idea regarding this App!

What is this aim of this App?

The main objective of the app would be to help me remember that I need to call my friends and family members. Well this seems to be a fairly easy task and even a reminder set in the calendar should be able to do the same isn’t it? And I completely agree with your point, at the same time, I do believe there are few missing bits which we can add as a feature on top of the reminders to make this app the Ideal one for helping us remember our friends and family members

What features are we looking for?

As we are still in the discovery phase nothing is defined now, at the same time, I do have some Idea’s on what can make this app even more awesome!

  • Remind us when to call our friends or relatives
  • Maybe we can add some notes after the call to help us get some context on what we discussed last time 😅
  • Smartly suggest whom to call today

While we are still far from the actual design these few points can help us drive the design and the structure of the ap further!

What tools/resources would we use?

Every development work requires some tools or resources to complete the project. At the current stage I can only think of these many resources:

  • Android Studio (I may experiment with flutter a bit but I have better grip with Java and Android Studio!)
  • Real Android Device (I don’t really like emulators)
  • Firebase for Storage and network calls
  • Few libraries which currently am unaware of 😅


While am very excited about this project but am also aware of how lazy and distracted I can be😁! So we don’t have any timelines set, I will keep working on this project and add the details in here do let me know in the comments if you have any further Idea’s or features in your mind for this app or (to add distraction) any other app!

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