Revisiting my first Android App: Morse Chat (2016)

Hello friends, at the time of learning the android app development we all make many small apps and this app the Morse Chat is one of my complete app that I have created while learning the basics of Android development.

I can surely say any intermediate Android developer can make the exact app in just like an hour but at the start of learning the development process, it’s one of the biggest milestones that I achieved at that time. So today in this post I am actually gonna discuss why and how this app actually got developed. Well for starters in Android Development you would be able to learn a lot and for those who are like “ That’s all? I can make it in just an hour” Can actually understand and correlate the mindset of the development process which we all go through while developing the android app or seriously while developing anything on our own.

Development of everything starts with mostly two reasons only :

  • You Got a Project or work to make that app for someone.
  • You just make it because you think its needed or may be because you need it there.

For me, this app the Morse Chat came to existence from the second reason, believe me for every starter that’s the only feasible option as they can’t really imagine getting a project from someone else!

I was just watching some movie and there a saw an intelligent scientist who was kidnapped sends a message for help by using the tap sounds. Well, I got totally screwed up and wanted to know how he managed to do so and even if he does how are others able to understand it. I did few searches and came to know that he has used the Morse Code for that.

So what’s next? I wanted to be like him and I started learning the Morse code!! But after wasting like 3 days I realized that it’s not something that I should waste my time on it just looks good in movies! But still out of excitement I started writing my social media status in Morse code! It just felt exciting that nobody can understand what it is and if they are even a little smart they can try to get the meaning of the message back. It was like sending a message for smart peoples only!! But writing the Morse code was a boring work! And decoding it back was even worse!!

Then I tried searching for translators and found many available online but guess what I wanted it offline and as an app. From this point my mind got a stuck can I make this make app??? Why not? All it takes is just simple logic and I was already learning the android app development at that time.
So I went on. I used every knowledge that the tutorials has given me and made seriously too simple layout (Best I can make at that time). You can have a look here …

Then after that next target was logic. I had a path in my head:

  • 1. Take the input
  • 2. Loop through it,
  • 3. Replace every character,
  • 4. Handle space in some way,
  • 5. Finally, do both code and decode via the same interface!

Wow , now at that time this was huge as even taking and showing the input back felt like a victory at those times but with above steps I started did many google searches learned and applied a lot and finally completed the app.

You know what was the best part of it?

I actually completed the app! You can be the biggest developer and write hardest of the world’s logic but if you can’t finish the whole app (even in buggy form) you will not get that feeling of being a developer!Because that finishing would give you a sense of confidence , it will work as a proof for yourself that YES you can and you have completed many apps.

So? What are you waiting for? Are you a beginner too? Just try and complete this app just now!! It’s the simplest you can get and fastest you can make. Just start downloading the app from play store below

After downloading open it and try to understand how it works, then start a new android project and just make a copy of this project! Once you are done you will know you can and you will because you know how to complete it isn’t it?

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