Walk With You

Walk With You

Walk With You has been one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on. In this post, we would be going through the journey of it, understand how it all started and where are we so far with this amazing adventure.

This Journey started with a very simple idea, an idea to help everyone stay fit and network, socialize while doing the same! We all have been to that situation where we would like to go out, walk and talk to someone on the topics which interests us. While it sounds like a very easy, just call a friend and go out, but it does not really work all the time. Sometimes these walks are very unplanned, for example:

  • Going to the nearest groceries store
  • Walking your way towards the office (If you are fortunate enough to live nearby!)
  • Coming back from work
  • A random evening walk to feel the nature
  • A walk with your pet?

All of these can be unplanned and we don’t mostly have a partner with us on all of these walks. That’s what acted as an origin for this app!

Find a walking partner

We created an app which can find potential walker around you and matches them with your preferences, these preferences can include your average steps, the language you prefer to talk in and even your profession to make sure we are sparking up some really amazing conversations! The app helped find there walk partners, give you the location to meet and provide you with an option to chat and communicate even after completion of the walking session.

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Solo Walks

Now the next big jump in our journey was to have the support for people who did not found a partner! Maybe there is no one around or you just want to explore the world alone while listening to some nice music. Having these walks tracked on a map had a huge potential so build one additional feature called “Solo walk” to cover these scenarios. Not only these “Solo Walks” provided a way to track your walks but also provided a little motivation to complete your daily goals in terms of the number of steps!

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Health tracking

Till now we had understood that apart from walks there was a need of the Health element to be available in our app and we decided to roll it out as a new feature! Our app was now able to track the number of steps taken by the user by integrating with Google Fit, Apple Health Kit and FitBit! The data taken from these devices were synced with our servers to give a customized goal for your health. Our aim was to help users track there steps and improve it further by completing the goals shared by the app customized according to your walk pattern.

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Groups feature

This worked fairly well! Having easy access to your steps and motivation to complete the goal helped drive health awareness to the next level! But we wanted to take it to the next level and that’s where the Group feature was introduced! With Groups we allowed users to create a group of family members, friends or colleagues and track the steps for the whole group together! Group can have a customized goal, and every member of the group can see how everyone is doing in the group. We can see who completed the goal, who has taken the most steps and who needs some more motivation to reach the goal.

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Activity Insights

By this time we had enough data from the users to provide them with some more analytical advice and that’s where our new Analytics tab comes in the picture!

All these features grouped together gave us a strong foundation to not only track our walks, find new walking partner’s but also track health of our family members. We are continuously working on improving the app further and including features like notifications with your goals written and opinion to invite friends directly in a group even when they don’t have the app installed!

While we have done a lot there are many more things planned and coming soon to all of our Walk With You users. But at the same time, we would love to hear your feedback and the features you are most interested in!

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Loved what we have built so far? Want to give it a try? Download it now using the link below:


Get more details about this project from our official website: https://walkwithyou.co.uk/

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