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PanWars allows worldwide PubG players to show their skills and compete against each other in free SRIMS from Tier 3 to Tier 1. Our only goal is to make PubG tournaments and SCRIMS available to everyone and that to easily!

No Discord tags, no copy and paste your PubgID, just find the right Match and register it with one click!  Bring your team, It’s time to show your skills and become to MVP!

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PhoneKar – Contact your near and dear one

PhoneKar – Contact your near and dear one

We all have many relatives and friends we want to stay in touch with. While we always believe we will contact them someday we usually don’t! This app PhoneKar has been created to help us to remember contacting our near and dear ones. By creating a list of people you would like to contact and defining how many times you would like to contact them is all we need.

The app will tell you whom to contact daily and will help you take the notes on what you discussed on your last call (only if you need it).

Why was it needed?

Most of you will say it’s not something you need and believe me I used to think the same before the need really hit me. I have a big family, lot’s of cousins, brothers and relatives. While I love to talk to my cousins it’s not really a necessity, I keep thinking I will contact them on weekends and soon it becomes a month and then many months. When we finally meet I always regretted no calling them. At this point I knew, it’s not like I don’t wanna contact them, but it was like I am forgetting to contact them. If there is an app which can tell me today is the time to contact your friends or brother it would be soo easy to do!

This was the whole motivation and I avoided calling my friends and cousins for one more month to build hoping this will solve the problem! (Well and it did as well!)

How does it work?

The app has been created with a simple layout in mind which will help you add your contacts whom you would like to contact. While adding the contacts you can specify the details, including their birth dates, any special day of there life (maybe anniversary?) and most importantly, you can specify the how many times you would like to contact anyone.







Once the details are added to the app,  it will start tracking when you call them and will remind you according to your frequency when it is the time to call your contacts. Every time you open the app it will present you with a list of contacts you are supposed to reach out to today in a nice colossal manner.







Every time you contact any of your contacts from the PhoneKar app, it will ask you, “How was the call?” and will notes of your answer. Next time when you contact them you can review the notes added earlier to get a head start in your conversation!

The technical stuff (For Tech people only!)

The PhoneKar app has been build with Flutter at heart and is directly connected to Firebase and google services. We have used some really amazing animated gradients as a background for all the screens and Google and Facebook logins to provide the authentication. All the user and usage data are stored in firebase on a daily basis, and it uses Android Alarms to upload the app details to Firebase.

The PhoneKar app also uses the Android Alarms to update the contacts list in the background and the Sembast for local database and persistent storage.


You can download our app for Android using the below links:

Give it a try, and share feedback!

In This Together

In This Together

What is In This Together?

Did you know that short, well-planned breaks improve your productivity, creativity and general well being?!

Most people know that, but are still guilty of either taking very long breaks (aka procrastination) or not taking any breaks at all, leading to exhaustion and fatigue! I’m often guilty of one of these myself.

We have created a website called with the aim of helping humanity take good breaks and improve overall productivity 🥳. If you have suggestions for a good break (we all do) – use the website to submit it. No login required. And if your suggested break gets a lot of love from the community, we’ll recognize you. 🎉

It’s a fun project still in the early stages and we welcome your feedback!

What have we developed?

We have developed a website, build on top of scalable google servers (Firebase), and using the Firebase provided database rule. This makes our website extremely fast and responsive to any volume of users!

Anyone can visit our website and go through the amazing ideas we have collected for a quick 10 mins break. We believe taking a break is a necessity for productive outcomes! We not only provide a huge collection of things you can do in these 10 minutes of break, but we also have many categories from where you can select what interests you the most!

inthistogether website

Here are some of the amazing features of our website:

  • Lots of ideas for break
  • Users can add there own ideas to the website
  • Categories to help you those your type of break!
  • Option to like and share the ideas
  • Keeps track of Ideas shared by you
  • No Registration or Login required!
  • The Browser or Email Notification (In Progress)


You can visit our website here: 

Give it a try, and share your feedback!

Walk With You

Walk With You

What is Walk With You?

Walk With You (W2Y) is the ultimate walking app developed to help you go out for a walk with your friends, family members or even someone near by with the similar interests as yours! We believe walking will not only improve your health (which it does amazingly!) but can also help you discuss new idea’s, topics and even network with someone around you!

What have we developed?

We have a developed a very easy to use app which can will provide you everything you need to go out for a quick walk! Our app not only works as your walking buddy but also captures all the details regarding your walk to provide you detailed insights! We also use these details to find a walk partner for you who matches your interests and walking patterns.


Here are some of the amazing features from our app:

  • Tracks your steps and walks
  • Integrated with Google Fit, Apple Health and Fit Bit to provide easy access to data from all of your health tracking devices!
  • Creates a Map for your walks which can be shared with your friends
  • Allows you to create a group where your family members or friends and challenge each other for a common goal and watch each others progress
  • Find’s a walk partner for you who has matching interests and walk frequencies nearby your location
  • Detailed insights on how much you walks
  • Remainders to help you complete your targets
  • Intelligent daily goal setup which provides a linear growth in your daily steps!
  • And much more!

On the Home screen, where you land you can see your today’s steps and whether you have met or not met your step goal. You can also read our hand curated list of fitness articles, which gets refreshed every week.

If you fancy a walk, you can see if someone’s walking near you or if someone from your group is interested in a walk or record a solo walk!

Speaking of Groups, you can create and be a member of any number of groups – be it your friends, your family or colleagues. The one thing that binds all of you in the group is how many steps you achieve and what the group’s goal is.

If you want to deep dive in your step data (think statistics), Activity Insights is the screen for you. We plan to release more charts, graphs here, so keep an eye out.


You can download our app on both Android and iPhone using the below links:

Get more details about this project from our official website:

Give it a try, and share feedbacks!