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PhoneKar – Contact your near and dear one

Written by Rajdeep Singh Barad

July 12, 2020

We all have many relatives and friends we want to stay in touch with. While we always believe we will contact them someday we usually don’t! This app PhoneKar has been created to help us to remember contacting our near and dear ones. By creating a list of people you would like to contact and defining how many times you would like to contact them is all we need.

The app will tell you whom to contact daily and will help you take the notes on what you discussed on your last call (only if you need it).

Why was it needed?

Most of you will say it’s not something you need and believe me I used to think the same before the need really hit me. I have a big family, lot’s of cousins, brothers and relatives. While I love to talk to my cousins it’s not really a necessity, I keep thinking I will contact them on weekends and soon it becomes a month and then many months. When we finally meet I always regretted no calling them. At this point I knew, it’s not like I don’t wanna contact them, but it was like I am forgetting to contact them. If there is an app which can tell me today is the time to contact your friends or brother it would be soo easy to do!

This was the whole motivation and I avoided calling my friends and cousins for one more month to build hoping this will solve the problem! (Well and it did as well!)

How does it work?

The app has been created with a simple layout in mind which will help you add your contacts whom you would like to contact. While adding the contacts you can specify the details, including their birth dates, any special day of there life (maybe anniversary?) and most importantly, you can specify the how many times you would like to contact anyone.







Once the details are added to the app,  it will start tracking when you call them and will remind you according to your frequency when it is the time to call your contacts. Every time you open the app it will present you with a list of contacts you are supposed to reach out to today in a nice colossal manner.







Every time you contact any of your contacts from the PhoneKar app, it will ask you, “How was the call?” and will notes of your answer. Next time when you contact them you can review the notes added earlier to get a head start in your conversation!

The technical stuff (For Tech people only!)

The PhoneKar app has been build with Flutter at heart and is directly connected to Firebase and google services. We have used some really amazing animated gradients as a background for all the screens and Google and Facebook logins to provide the authentication. All the user and usage data are stored in firebase on a daily basis, and it uses Android Alarms to upload the app details to Firebase.

The PhoneKar app also uses the Android Alarms to update the contacts list in the background and the Sembast for local database and persistent storage.


You can download our app for Android using the below links:

Give it a try, and share feedback!


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