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Walk With You

Written by Rajdeep Singh Barad

April 7, 2020

What is Walk With You?

Walk With You (W2Y) is the ultimate walking app developed to help you go out for a walk with your friends, family members or even someone near by with the similar interests as yours! We believe walking will not only improve your health (which it does amazingly!) but can also help you discuss new idea’s, topics and even network with someone around you!

What have we developed?

We have a developed a very easy to use app which can will provide you everything you need to go out for a quick walk! Our app not only works as your walking buddy but also captures all the details regarding your walk to provide you detailed insights! We also use these details to find a walk partner for you who matches your interests and walking patterns.


Here are some of the amazing features from our app:

  • Tracks your steps and walks
  • Integrated with Google Fit, Apple Health and Fit Bit to provide easy access to data from all of your health tracking devices!
  • Creates a Map for your walks which can be shared with your friends
  • Allows you to create a group where your family members or friends and challenge each other for a common goal and watch each others progress
  • Find’s a walk partner for you who has matching interests and walk frequencies nearby your location
  • Detailed insights on how much you walks
  • Remainders to help you complete your targets
  • Intelligent daily goal setup which provides a linear growth in your daily steps!
  • And much more!

On the Home screen, where you land you can see your today’s steps and whether you have met or not met your step goal. You can also read our hand curated list of fitness articles, which gets refreshed every week.

If you fancy a walk, you can see if someone’s walking near you or if someone from your group is interested in a walk or record a solo walk!

Speaking of Groups, you can create and be a member of any number of groups – be it your friends, your family or colleagues. The one thing that binds all of you in the group is how many steps you achieve and what the group’s goal is.

If you want to deep dive in your step data (think statistics), Activity Insights is the screen for you. We plan to release more charts, graphs here, so keep an eye out.


You can download our app on both Android and iPhone using the below links:

Get more details about this project from our official website:

Give it a try, and share feedbacks!


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